About tansowny.tech

About tansowny.tech

Origin Story

My name is Scott Tansowny and I started tansowny.tech. I have been passionate about open-source software and philosophies for as long as I can remember, using Linux and other open-source software on my desktops and home servers. Using open-source brings the advantages that community-based projects and shared development has over proprietary tech and corporate interests.

I started in computer repair with troubleshooting and fixing Windows PCs and Macs and was very disheartened to see perfectly good hardware end up unsupported by these companies and destined for the landfill long before it was needed. I also saw how these companies changed policies and methods slowly stripping away freedoms and privacy from their customers.

With the opportunity that open-source software and operating systems have to extend the life of hardware and put people back in control of their technology, I wanted to help people discover, learn about, and use open-source. So I started tansowny.tech.

What We Do

Here at tansowny.tech, we install and support open-source software and systems, empowering our clients to:

  • Save money and reduce e-waste by extending the life of older technology
  • Increase their privacy and security by taking control of the software that they use day to day; and
  • Gain control of their own data and digital lives

We offer a variety of services including:

  • Desktop Linux installations and support
  • Home server installations and support; and
  • Decreased reliance on big tech through installations of a personal cloud server that you control

The easiest way to get help from us is remotely from anywhere in the world. If you prefer, and you are in the Edmonton, Canada area, in-home services are also an option. Just contact us with any questions or to get a quote!